Appraiser/ Umpire Service

     If your claim is already approved, and there is simply a valuation disputes, consider using the appraisal clause of your policy to resolve the matter quickly and expediently. This powerful tool in your insurance policy takes the decision out of your hands, but more importantly, it takes the decision out of your insurer’s hands. They will be bound by the valuation we set with the insurer’s independent appraiser, or the neutral umpire we select.

     Note: The appraisal clause may not be used to resolve disputes over coverage. Pricing is subject to travel expenses, expert fees, and any other expense unrelated to our work product as your independent appraiser. The $1000 non-refundable retainer fee will cover up to five hours of work on the file, after which an additional hourly fee will be charged based on the size and complexity of the file at the rate of $200 per hour. Most files are resolved for the retainer fee only, without additional expense. This is a great option for a roofing claim, fire claim, or water damage claim that the insurance company has approved but has not paid the insurance claim at its full value.

Appraiser/Umpire Service

1 hr | $1000 flat fee

Location & Contact Details

Tel: 833-8-SETTLE
Location: Customer’s Place

Booking Policy

Bookings close 3 hours before the session starts.