Gold Representation – Contingency Fee


     If your insurance claim is large, complex, or you simply cannot fathom the idea of losing, this is the public adjuster representation package for you. A partner in our firm will represent you on a contingent basis, to fight on your behalf and secure you every dime you are owed. That means you don’t pay us anything until we win your case and get you paid!

    Our public adjusting firm will file your claim, represent you at the initial damage presentation to your insurer, generate all estimates and necessary documentation, refer the matter to our general counsel if necessary, and ultimately get you the money you are due.

   Note: For insurance claims already adjusted by your insurance company, please add 5% to the contingent basis fee. If you have not filed your claim yet and are considering representation, please note that we have a much better chance of winning your case if we document it from the very beginning. Remember, “A man who represents himself to his insurance company has a fool for an adjuster!” We take our batting average seriously, and can’t stand the idea of losing for one of our clients. Help us help you, by allowing us to handle the insurance claim from the beginning with the level of precision necessary to win! Having to fight to regain lost ground only hurts your chances of winning. All public adjuster pricing is plus travel expenses, expert fees, and any other expenses not directly related to our work product being delivered.


Gold Representation – Contingency Fee

1 hr | 20% of our recovery

Location & Contact Details

Tel: 833-8-SETTLE
Location: Customer’s Place

Booking Policy

Bookings close 3 hours before the session starts.